Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Where are we going?

This generation born in war, born in the jail cells of the South, born at the Pentagon march, watches in disbelief as the country is paved over, malls replacing corn fields, synthetic food replacing corn, cash replacing value. What has become of us? Is the country brain dead? Is this what we have done with our freedom? Our greatest surviving value is greed. Is that what our legacy will be? What shall we tell the children?

New Book by Danny Lyon:
Like a Thief's Dream

The amazing story of the bank robber and convicted murderer Jimmy Ray Renton and his escape from the Arksansas State Prison.
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On Barack Obama:
Andy Goodman's Ghost

Five years ago I was having dinner with a group of students in a bar in Carbondale, Illinois. As we left I saw five men seated at a back table. Waiting for them as they got up to leave, I stopped the tall and handsome man. It was Barack Obama, then campaigning for the Democratic nomination for Senator from Illinois...
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Billy McCune

Danny Lyon met Billy George McCune in 1968 when Lyon was making his book, Conversations with the Dead, inside the Texas Department of Corrections. McCune, sentenced to Death in 1950 on a dubious charge of rape, had survived two  years on death row, when his sentence was adjudicated to Life. In 1971 Lyon edited and had published The Autobiography of Billy McCune. Matt Ozug, of Sound Portraits has produced a short radio piece based on these recordings. Click here to read more.

The End of the Age of Photography

Many years ago I was being driven along central park west in a NYC Taxi and talking with Robert Frank whom I sat beside. When I spoke of using words with photography, texts, as part of what were then called “photography books”, Robert said, “well, then that’s the end of it.” ...


NEW! 2 DVD BOXED SET, films by Danny Lyon

Born to Film, 1982 and Two Fathers, 2005 available together as a two DVD set. Born to Film is, among other things, intimately auto- biographical, interspersing footage of Lyon's own young son with film shot in the 1930's by Lyon's father, a doctor who immigrated from Germany. Two Fathers, the child star of Born To Film, Raphael, is now a twenty-seven year old who returns to his father’s farm to plant corn and “experience fatherhood”. A filmic meditation on life, age, family and death.


The Bikeriders, 3rd Edition


The 3rd Edition of The Bikeriders is out of print.  It was released by Chronicle Books, San Fransisco, with 20 unpublished pictures from the series, and color work done in 1965 and 1966 which was also omitted from earlier editions.

The text of The Bikeriders was made from tape recordings. Selections from the original recordings are available as mp3 audio files.