Like a Thief’s Dream

The amazing story of the bank robber and convicted murderer Jimmy Ray Renton and his escape from the Arksansas State Prison.

Non-fiction. 190 pages with sixteen pages of photographs.

I do not know of a book that cuts into and reveals the prison system and the subtle strange fates and characters of the guys. Not Mailer or Capote. Like your pictures you have a way of just letting the reality do the talking eloquently.
- Peter di Lissovoy

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Interview with Danny Lyon
Review by Richard Arthur Fleming
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Image Gallery

Renton in the Walls 1968 Danny Lyon in the Walls darkroom with Renton, photo by Robert Frank Jones, Renton, Robert Frank, Walls 1969 Renton with Kathy Houston 1973 Rita, the hooker with the heart of gold Officer Hussey Dinke, Pinky, Mojo today Renton's last picture, Sante Fe Prison Wanted Poster Dinker 1973 Renton on the run Renton's capture. Austin, Texas 1988

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