The Bikeriders, Third Edition

The 3rd Edition of The Bikeriders is out of print.  It was released by Chronicle Books, San Fransisco, with 20 unpublished pictures from the series, and color work done in 1965 and 1966 which was also omitted from earlier editions.

The text of The Bikeriders was made from tape recordings. Selections from the original recordings are available below as mp3 audio files.



Dramatis Personae

Ed Foley and Cockroach were both members of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Johnnie Goodpaster who tells the "accident" story was a very successful Midwestern Motorcycle racer. He ran, and still owns, a motorcycle shop in Hobart, Indiana.

Cal, who tells the story "Chopped Scooter" was a former member of the Hell's Angels, who had joined the Chicago Outlaws. His real name was Arthur Dion. Cal died in the late 1970's.

Zipco, a young member of the Milwaukee Outlaws, tells a number of stories including one about his "pinko brother." Zipco was a didicated cyclist. His real name is Martin Jergins. He told his stories while in the Elmhurst Hospital recovering from a motorcycle accident.

Kathy was 28 years old when she married 19 year old Benny of the Chicago Outlaws.